5-Surprise Mini Brands (Toys) Series 2 Capsule Balls (Pack of 2)

NEW MINIS TO FIND: Features new never-before-seen additions to the Toy Mini Brands range. Now there’s over 120 to collect! EVEN MORE OF YOUR FAVORITE TOY BRANDS MADE MINI: Unbox all new minis from Build a Bear Workshop, ZURU, Carebears, Whamo and more, including super rare Minis, gold Minis and even glow in the dark Minis too! CREATE A LITTLE SHOPPING WORLD WITH MINI ACCESSORIES: Collect all 4 miniature shopping accessories including bags, wheelie baskets, carts, and shelves to create your own mini toy store. COLLECT, STORE, PLAY & SWAP: The minis are perfect for collecting & swapping or even roleplaying your own mini toy world! SURPRISE UNBOXING: Unwrap, peel, and reveal 5 mystery miniatures in every capsule. What 5 surprises will you unbox?


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