Prison Cookbook: Delicious Recipes/Microwave Oven

by Green, C J

The central concept behind the Microwave Gourmet was to develop a list of recipes that all of us could use in a pinch when we want a delicious meal, but are limited on time and materials. Cooking with microwaves is almost looked down upon by chefs and professionals in food preparation. People seem to have a predisposition to assume microwave food is fast and cheap… as if to prepare food in a microwave damns that food to be mediocre and unfulfilling. We say, “You’re just not cooking the right things!” Well, we’re about to change all that. These are some of the most tasteful and enjoyable recipes we have experimented with and we think you’ll really appreciate both the flavor and effortlessness of them. Will this book make you a food Genius? Perhaps it will. Will it give you decadent food weapons to use in a pinch? Definitely! How do we know this book really works? Because C.J.'s brother is currently finishing up a 14 year sentence for conspiracy. C.J. wrote this book after his brother asked him for recipes he could use in a common microwave. So this is what C.J. developed (with the help of many great chefs!). But this book is for all of us, in a bind or not. So if you know somebody who doesn't respect the power and capabilities a microwave, take some of these recipes, create an incredible dinner and invite them over. Once they finish the meal, sitting back with glee and bliss you can tell them you made this entire meal in a microwave! You will reign as culinary king or queen among the people. Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn to prepare in short minutes: ENTRESS: Risotto • Enchiladas! • Roasted garlic • Sour cream and onion veggie chips • Sweet potatoes • Ropa Vieja • Chicken & Dumplings • Ratatouille • Macaroni & Cheese • Lemon-Horseradish Sole • Loaded Baked Potato • Salmon en Papillote • Chicken Penne Al Fresco • Fried Rice. BREAKFAST: Egg whites and cheese breakfast sandwich • French toast • Scrambled eggs • Bacon • English muffins • Mason jar pancakes. DESSERTS: Toasted Nuts • Baked Apples in a Bag • Monkey Bread • Cinnamon Roll • Vegan Coffee Cake • Granola • Lemon bars • Peanut brittle • Mug cake • Chocolate peanut butter mug cake • Chocolate Chip Cookies. So let’s begin!


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Green, C J
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August 14, 2015

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