How to Start a Business in 27 Days: Step-By-Step Guide

by Various

If you dream of starting and running a successful business but don’t know how to start—this book will help you achieve that dream. You don’t need a business degree to create a successful business. This valuable book is loaded with tips, strategies, and best practices you can rely on to start your business right, step-by-step. Too many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck in the idea or planning phase or they focus on the wrong priorities and spend needless time and energy fixing common startup mistakes. A lot of new businesses fail, but many of those failures are preventable. This book is laid out in a sequential, day-by-day format so you can go from idea to business launch in as little as 27 days. An investment of 3 hours per day for 27 days is all you need to achieve your dream of business ownership. Need it done faster? You can start your new business in about 80 hours using our proven, systematized process and the resources outlined in the book. If you don’t have the time to dedicate 3 hours every day, you can also take a slower pace and apply these steps over several months to methodically lay the groundwork for your future success as a business owner. In this book you will discover how to - Create job security as an entrepreneur and business owner, - Avoid common startup pitfalls, - Discover alternative financing for startups and new entrepreneurs, - Prevent wasted time and resources, - Implement proven tips and startup strategies, - Gain confidence in the quality of your business idea, - Deal with changes in today's business environment, - Make your product or service better and more valuable to your customers, - Prioritize startup expenses, - Test and prove your ideas and assumptions, - Disrupt your competitors and position yourself to be unique in the marketplace, - Discover the market fundamentals that will help you find and attract scores of customers, - Focus your products and services to a very specific niche to more deeply connect with your ideal customers, - Obtain the legal forms you need and learn where to file them, - Understand the importance of social media and how to start building your social media marketing platform, - Get online resources and time saving templates to accelerate your launch. Use this book as your guide to plan and launch your new business the right way. Don’t waste your time and effort trying to figure out the process on your own. The authors are experienced, long-time business partners, and for them, how to start a business is not just theory. Apply the valuable information in this book to maximize your potential for success for you and your new business.


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March 13, 2015

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