America's National Treasures (2 Disc/DVD)

In 1906 Teddy Roosevelt created the nation’s first national monument destination. The purpose was to preserve all of America s significant pieces of history. Since then, all National Monuments have been designated by Presidents as their personal memorials which they sought to protect above all others. America s National Treasures tells the story of America s past and present glory. This 12 volume set takes a journey through the Ecology, Geology and beauty of the Great Plains, the Geologic West and the Historic South in a spectacular 7 hour adventure never to be forgotten. Volume 1: Geologic Wonders of the Northern Plains - Volume 2: Sioux Indian Wars - Volume 3: Manifest Destiny - Volume 4: The Southern Plains - Volume 5: Prehistoric Native Americans - Volume 6: Southern Spanish Colonies - Volume 7: Slavery and the Plantation System - Volume 8: Civil War and the Confederacy - Volume 9: Fossil Treasures of the Pacific Northwest - Volume 10: The Pacific Northwest's Ring of Fire - Volume 11: The Historic Pacific Northwest - Volume 12: The Great Biodiversity of the Pacific Northwest. Hosted by Bo Svenson and Jordan Murphy. Over 7 Hours of incredible footage. Filmed in High-Definition.


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