Astrology: Comprehensive Guide to Zodiac Signs

by Ritchie, Janet

Find Love, Wealth, and Success in the Stars! Are you eager to know your destiny? Do you want to know your best path in life? Would you like to unlock the secrets of the heavens? If so, this is the book for you. You’ll learn all about the history and practice of astrology and meet some of the world’s most famous astrologers. With the simple, easy-to-follow basics in this book, you can get to know the signs of the zodiac and start finding your destiny – today! Inside this Astrology Comprehensive Guide, you’ll discover: How to Find Your Perfect Soul Mate, Astrological Compatibilities for Relationships, The Secrets of the Astrological Love Signs, Powerful Horoscopes for Success in Business, The Astrological Perspective on Everyday Life, And so much more! The author provides detailed descriptions of the many components of horoscopes – and how you can correctly determine their hidden meanings. You’ll learn all about planetary aspects, discover what it means when a planet enters a particular zodiac sign, and explore ascendant and descendant signs. You’ll even find out the meanings of realms like the Midheaven and the Nadir! The author even explains techniques like the transits and cycles of the planets that you can use today to predict the future for yourself and your loved ones! Don’t wait another minute to start your astounding galactic journey. Get your copy of Astrology: The Comprehensive Guide right away and revel in the wisdom of the heavens!


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Ritchie, Janet
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September 28, 2016

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