Ordering Information & Policies

We accept PayPal and all major credit cards on our website
All shipments going to correctional facilities are sent via US Postal Service Only
Rush Shipping does NOT apply to magazine orders

Please email any questions to: info@booksnthingswarehouse.com
Mailing Address: PO Box 7330 - Shrewsbury, NJ 07702-7330
Customer Service Hours: Monday-Thursday 9 a.m.-5 p.m. (EST)
Phone: 1-800-681-2740 Fax: 1-800-681-2741

WHO CAN ORDER FROM BOOKS N THINGS WAREHOUSE? All Government Agencies (including Libraries, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities), Corporations, Inmates, and the General Public. VERY IMPORTANT: We are an approved vendor in nearly every state. However, you should check with your individual facility to ensure that we are on the list of vendors you can make purchases from.

ALLOWED PACKAGE CONTENTS: Make sure to check with your individual facility prior to ordering. Each facility has strict guidelines regarding books, calendars, and magazines that contain sexually explicit content, nude or enticing photos, photos of weapons, cartoons/drawings of nudity or weapons, maps, and gang related material. Many facilities also have restrictions on the number of items you can receive at one time, multiple quantities of the same item, product size and type of binding. MAGAZINES: Your facility may simply confiscate a particular magazine issue or they may return it to the publisher as “Refused”. Please make sure to write to the publisher immediately to notify them that you wish for your subscription to continue, as most times they will place your subscription “ON HOLD”, if an issue is returned to them.

DELIVERY ZONES AND SHIPPING & HANDLING: Food items can only be scheduled for delivery Monday thru Friday (No Saturday or Sunday deliveries). Flowers can generally be scheduled for delivery any day of the week (may be affected by the recipient’s location). Depending on delivery restrictions, carriers’ holiday rush schedules, and unusual weather conditions, we may need to schedule gift deliveries to arrive at least one to two days prior to your specified date or occasion. ALL OTHER ITEMS: We ship within the entire United States. However, we do NOT ship Gifts to ALASKA or HAWAII. For Books, Calendars, and Stationary Items, we use the U.S. Postal Service ONLY. We use UPS and FedEX Ground for Government Agency orders and “Gift” orders. All orders are shipped from our warehouse within 3-7 business days from the date of order placement. *SHIPPING TIME FRAMES are for “IN STOCK” items only (so it is important that you list alternates). All packages are shipped with “Delivery Confirmation”. Shipping costs apply to each individual package “Ship To” address. Items will NOT be shipped unless the proper shipping costs have been paid. Once the package leaves our warehouse, it typically takes 2-8 business days to reach its final destination. NOTE: If you add the Rush Shipping option to your order, it is important that you know that orders will still take the general 3 to 7 days in processing. However, the order will be shipped via expedited USPS Priority Mail (which generally takes 2 to 3 business days to be delivered, instead of 2 to 8 business days).

GIFT ORDERS: Gift orders (Flowers and Gift Baskets) that are sent to family and friends are shipped to street addresses ONLY, and will be received within 7-12 business days (from the date the order is processed) unless you specify a future delivery date. If you select the “Rush Shipping” option for your gift, the package will be delivered within 5-8 business days (from the date the order is processed). We are not responsible for unclaimed packages, or packages sent to an incorrect address provided to us.

FLOWER AND GIFT BASKETS: Food items and flowers are perishable and CANNOT be re-stocked for re-sale. Failure to provide the required valid phone number and absence of a signature from the recipient will result in the loss of the entire purchase price.

SIGNATURE REQUIRED: Flowers & Gift Baskets require a person to sign for delivery. Gifts will not be delivered otherwise.
Recipient’s Phone #: A valid phone number for the recipient is required in order for the delivery service to notify the recipient of the scheduled delivery, and to ensure someone will be there to receive the shipment.
Wine Baskets State Restrictions: Wine Baskets deliveries have certain state restrictions, and CANNOT be shipped to the following states: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Utah, West Virginia (AL, AZ, AR, GA, KY, MS, MO, OK, UT, WV).

MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION ORDERS: By placing a magazine subscription order with us, it is implied that you have read and agree with the policies outlined within the lower section of this page.

BOOK ORDERS: Once your order is received, it takes 3 to 7 days for processing. Most orders will ship within that time frame, unless an item in your order is on “Back Order.” Once the order ships, it then takes 2 to 8 business days in transit, as it is being handled by the United States Postal Service (all book orders are shipped via USPS Media Mail). If you add the Rush Shipping option to your order, it is important that you know that orders will still take the general 3 to 7 days in processing. However, the order will be shipped via expedited USPS Priority Mail (which generally takes 2 to 3 business days to be delivered, instead of 2 to 8 business days).

CLOTHING ORDERS: All clothing orders are shipped separate from any other items, and the appropriate S/H costs must be included. Prior to Ordering: We kindly ask that you check and abide by the requirements and policies at your individual facility, in regards to allowed items, quantity, material, colors, maximum package weight, etc. All refused/returned items will be re-stocked at the minus 25% restocking fee and will result in the loss of shipping and handling costs paid.

SHIP TO ADDRESS: If you are placing an order by mail and you have an existing BNTW Account #, please list it on the upper right hand corner of the order form (which can be downloaded right from our website). Make sure that the “Ship To” address is legible and correct. If items are to be shipped to a correctional facility, please include all the necessary information (Inmate #, Unit #, etc.) so that your packages and subscriptions can be delivered successfully.

ALTERNATE ITEMS (OUT OF STOCK/BACK ORDERS): From time to time, publishers may encounter re-printing difficulties, which results in several of their books being on “Back Order” or “Out of Stock” indefinitely. Other times publishers announce the release date, and end up postponing the date, or cancel publication entirely. Additionally, clothing and gift suppliers may discontinue an item, or a product may be temporarily unavailable. This is something that we, at Books N Things Warehouse, can’t control. Therefore, we highly recommend that you list several alternate items in order of preference (on the “Alternate Item #” section of the Order Forms or on a blank piece of paper). This will ensure that we can readily substitute any unavailable products, with items you list as Alternates, and will prevent order processing delays. If you do not list alternates, any items that are on “Back Order” will be noted on the packing slip that is included with each shipment. If the “Back Order” item does not arrive at our warehouse within 60 days, we will credit your account and notify you. We do not cancel any back ordered items prior to the 60 days. For gifts that have an imminent holiday or occasion listed, we reserve the right to substitute the unavailable item with a similar product to ensure timely delivery of your gift(s).

ADDITIONAL ORDER FORMS AND QUESTIONS/INQUIRIES: We accept orders on plain paper (full sheets). Just make sure to add the appropriate S/H costs for all Items (refer to the Shipping & Handling charts). If you require an order form to place an order, please send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope with your request (we will mail you 4 order forms free of charge). Check with your facility to ensure you can receive multiple copies. Our order forms can also be downloaded on our website.

RE-STOCKING FEE: A 25% Re-Stocking Fee and loss of Shipping & Handling costs will be applied to any items returned as “Refused/Rejected”, “Not an Approved Vendor”, “Invalid/Incomplete/Undeliverable Address”, or “Exceeded Items Allowed/Duplicate Copies”. Returned packages will require repayment of Shipping & Handling fees for re-shipment. Returned items may also result in loss of the entire purchase price, as well as Shipping & Handling costs, if contents are not returned in its original packaging (unopened/undamaged) or if they cannot be re-stocked for resale (this applies to items such as flowers & perishable gifts). Any items returned in a condition other than stated, will result in the loss of all costs paid by you.

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: PayPal (on our website only), Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Business Checks, Institution Checks, Money Orders and Personal Checks (Personal checks will delay the shipment of your order by up to 7 business days). *We do NOT accept MoneyGram or other money transfers*
NJ SALES TAX: Please add 7% tax to your order, ONLY if you are located in New Jersey or your delivery address is in New Jersey.

RETURN/EXCHANGE POLICY: Books N Things Warehouse has a no return or exchange policy (No substitutions or cancellations).

COUPON CODES: Any valid coupon codes must be used at time of checkout (prior to completing the order on our website). Coupons cannot be applied after the order has been placed.

BOOKS N THINGS ACCOUNT: Our mission at Books N Things Warehouse is to provide our customers with the highest level of respect, and our staff expects the same in return. We reserve the right to close your account as a result of threatening or inappropriate communication which is not in accordance with a cordial and responsible environment.

Magazine Subscriptions Policies


FIRST ISSUES: Your first issues will generally arrive within 8-12 weeks (this is the normal publisher processing time). Magazines with 8 or less issues per year may take 12-16 weeks to start. On rare occasions, the first issue may take even longer to arrive if the publisher is experiencing publication delays or is in the process of switching publisher clearing houses. Further delays may occur if you are transferred and a change of address is processed prior to the arrival of your first issue. Each publisher operates on a different printing and mailing schedule (therefore, some subscriptions will start quicker than others). IMPORTANT: Rush Shipping does NOT apply to magazine orders.

ALTERNATES: It is extremely important that you list a few alternate titles with every order (on the shipping instructions section), since magazine prices and availability change without notice. Unfortunately, we are unable to control when titles increase in price, become temporarily unavailable, or CEASE publication.

ORDER CONFIRMATION: When we receive and process your order, an order confirmation will be mailed to the recipient. EXCEPTION: When you order books and magazines on the same order, the confirmation will be attached as a “Packing Slip” to the outside of the book shipment. Packing slips will sometimes include customer service and warehouse notes in reference to your order.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS (COA): Once you receive your first issues, save the publisher’s address and mailing labels. It is the responsibility of the publisher(s) to handle all COA requests or delivery problems, and for you to notify them directly of any issues relating to your subscription(s). Remember, the publishers are the ones who mail the magazine to you (NOT Books N Things Warehouse). Every COA results in missed issues, because it generally takes the publishers 2 to 3 issues to make the address change effective (since they print the mailing labels for their publications several months in advance). In addition, chances are your old facility will NOT forward the missed issues to you. Please adhere to the following suggestions to minimize the number of issues you will miss as a result of a COA: 1) If you are about to be transferred to a new facility, wait until you arrive at your new location prior to placing a new order. 2) When you receive the first issue of a new subscription, locate the publisher’s name, address, and phone number (which can generally be found near the first few pages of the magazine…usually below or near the Table of Contents). Save this information so that you can notify the publisher(s) directly of any address changes or delivery problems. *If you are transferred/moved prior to receiving your first issues, please contact us immediately so that we can notify the publisher(s) of your new address.

CANCELLATIONS/SUBSTITUTIONS: Once an order has been submitted to the publisher(s), there is no way to substitute a subscription, and the publishers do not issue refunds for cancellations. If a subscription is rejected by your facility or you ordered it in error, we will gladly notify the publisher that you wish for that subscription to be forwarded to a friend or family member. Since COA’s may take 2 to 3 issues to become effective, you may still receive a couple of issues at your facility, even after the COA has been processed. In the event a particular magazine ceases publication after your order has been processed, the publisher will select another publication (at their discretion) to fulfill your subscription term. The first Issue of this publisher selection publication may take additional time to arrive. NOTE: Issues per year may change without notice (this is at the publisher’s discretion).

CONFISCATED ISSUES: Your facility may simply confiscate a particular magazine issue or they may return it to the publisher as “Refused”. Please make sure to write to the publisher immediately to notify them that you wish for your subscription to continue, as most times they will place your subscription “ON HOLD”, if an issue is returned to them.

NEW OR RENEWAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: Make sure to indicate “NEW” or “RENEWAL” on the order form, and be mindful of the titles that are noted throughout our catalog as “New Subscriptions” ONLY. We suggest placing magazine renewal orders at least 4 months prior to the expiration date listed on the current subscription label.

DUPLICATE ISSUES: If you mistakenly order a subscription you are already receiving, it is likely you will start receiving duplicate issues of the same magazine. If this happens, make sure to write to the publisher directly (include mailing labels from each of the duplicate issues) and ask them to combine your subscriptions.